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Despite wind and weather, many residents and visitors of our neighborhood would like to go to the terraces of the gastronomy. However, the restaurateurs – with a few exceptions – have not yet opened the terraces. No wonder, with this unfriendly weather. But in the next week – or already this weekend – it will be so far. Here we give an overview of the gastronomy on Bismarckstraße. Hardly any other neighborhood in North Rhine-Westphalia offers as much internationality as the area around this street. At irregular intervals, we will present the individual establishments in more detail here – also on Facebook and Instagram.

A tour shows the international culinary diversity on this street.

GRight at the beginning, still at Konrad-Adenauer-Platz, Sotirios Papavasilious has set up the „Patisserie Chocolat“. The room of the patisserie is over six meters high, below the patisserie, above a gallery for a sports café. In the patisserie, the „basic equipment“ is the Greek cakes and pastries, but also snacks such as filled puff pastries, fresh salads and sandwiches are on offer. But the pride and joy of Sotirios Papavasilious are his crêpes. They are now known far beyond our neighborhood.

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Continue along Karlstraße to the Greek pastry shop „Metropol“, which Isaak Coucourikis opened in 1996. The trained chef and confectioner offers individual creations for any desired occasion in special production. His chocolates and chocolates are particularly in demand. But what would a Greek restaurant be without bougatsa, a pastry made of puff pastry that can be prepared as a dessert or savory with cheese, minced meat or spinach filling? That would be an offer for the daily breakfast in the „Metropol“.
Fifty meters further on, behind the Gerhart Hauptmann House, Kosta Kalaitzidis‘ bistro „Callas“ offers the opportunity for social gatherings over coffee, wine, beer or small dishes. This is the meeting place especially for young Hellenes.
Across the street, Jim Yin’s restaurant „Yoonsim“ offers Korean-style barbecues. His guests experience individual preparation directly at the table – with great attention to detail. Fresh vegetables of all kinds meet seafood, meat from lamb, beef or pork and different grilling styles.

Further along Charlottenstraße on the left side of the street, the „Kagaya“ invites you to Japanese country cuisine, which is unique in Düsseldorf: no sushi, no sashimi, just Japanese home cooking. Buckwheat tea is served free of charge with the meal, just as another small miso soup can be ordered free of charge. The lunch menus are under 10 euros. The super-nice waitresses are all Japanese, and they all speak almost no German – you don’t have to, because almost only Japanese people come here.

Fifty steps further on, Maria Fake has transformed a former bridal store with expert knowledge – but also a lot of effort – into the Greek „Taverna Rhodes“. Not only dishes from her native Rhodes are on the menu, but also delicacies from other parts of Greece: fish and meat in all variations, accompanied by matching wines. It’s no wonder that guests love this ambience. Anyone who comes here will not leave the taverna in a hurry. After a nice meal, there is often time for socializing with the other guests at the table.
Right next to the „Tavern Rhodes“ it is a bit more urgent. „Pi & Fi“ invites you to a quick meal. Pi and Fi – these are the initials of Panagiotis („Panos“) Fasoulas, the operator of the new cult snack bar. In an urban ambience, his team serves the finest Greek grilled specialties. From a variety of appetizers, to the classics Souvlaki, Bifteki and Gyros in different variations, to an absolute specialty: Gyros from the finest turkey meat. All meats are delivered fresh on the day and offer the best regional quality from a butcher’s shop in Korschenbroich.

Right next door the Japanese restaurant „Nagomi“ from the owner Hitoshi Nishizuka. Here you can find the full range of Japanese cuisine. Sushi in all variations, sashimi from the most diverse types of fish and side dishes, as only the Japanese have to offer. Meat dishes and finally plenty of noodle dishes. Because it is always so crowded, you have to make do at the counter. This is not a disadvantage, to watch the cook preparing is an experience.

Three houses further on, it’s time for Chinese cuisine. Ms. Juan Wang and Mr. Jia Wan await their guests in the „Seasons“ restaurant. It is difficult for guests to choose from the wide range of traditional Chinese cuisine. Preference is given to hot pot and especially the spicy dishes of Sichuan cuisine. The authentic interior attracts many younger Chinese. For all food bloggers: Take photos and share them directly on Instagram – no problem, the Wi-Fi is free.
As the last restaurant before the East Street we reach the „Korea“. Ms. Cho Hee Hong has been running this establishment since 2009, offering classic Korean cuisine: bulgoggi and bibimcup. Kimchi in all variations from own production is a must. But be careful, if you are afraid of Asian spiciness, you should only try it.

We change to the other side of the street and start again from Charlottenstraße. The first place is the pastry shop „Byzanthio“. If you stand there at the counter, you will be overwhelmed with Greek pastries. Whether puff pastry rolls soaked in sugar syrup, baklava with walnuts or pistachios, honey-sweet sponge cake made from eggs and semolina, revani, airy éclairs, luscious crème rolls and fine pastries, and colorful Greek cakes. The store owner, Dimitiros Kanelis, has been supplying more than just walk-in customers here since 1994. The distribution area includes almost all Greek cafés and pubs in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Right next door another Korean restaurant, the Korea House „Han Kook Kwan“ by Mrs. Mi-Sook Kim. This authentic Korean restaurant stands out especially in the variety of dishes, whether soups, appetizers, meat or fish dishes. In addition, as in a typical Korean restaurant, a variety of side dishes are served free of charge. Of course, Korean barbecue is not to be missed here. The tabletop grills encourage you to do so. „Han Kook Kwan“ gives a perfect insight into South Korean cuisine.
It’s on to „Laurent’s Tapas y Mas“. According to its operators, the brothers Daniel and David Fernandez Navarro, the restaurant is „firmly in Spanish hands“. Lauren’s is the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy good Spanish food, wine or even just some snacks in a cultivated ambience. Especially for night owls Laurents is the right address. It offers the full menu until four in the morning, and even longer on weekends.
At the end to Oststraße, Grill House 56 celebrates its 5th anniversary on April 1. Vivi and Georgios Bormpotis have firmly established a piece of Greek tradition on Bismarckstraße for this period. This is because in every village in Greece, different types of meat are grilled on rotisserie skewers over charcoal. This recipe with the original Greek spices offers the Greek compatriots a piece of home. But the international clientele indicates that not only Greeks appreciate this quality.

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