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Spacemob + Moonbean + Manu Louis @micropopweek

21.10.2023 @ 19:00 23:00


Jassin Eghbal – bass, sax
Joshua Dunst – drums,, perc.
Maxim Hartwig – voice, performance
Jörn Quade – guitar, electr.
Uwe Juchum – sax, bassclarinett, synth.

Moonbean (CAN)

MOONBEAN is a queer, Ontario-based artist. Performing as an electronic duo with a live, synth hardware set and edgy vocals. They reign in experimental synth-pop with flavours of psychedelia, acid-house,
techno and disco with a punk attitude.

MOONBEAN’s music pulls inspiration from artists like Little Dragon, Metric, Peaches, and Eurythmics. With a passion for movement and sound paired with layers of alluring, synthesized melodies and heavy dance rhythms, MOONBEAN aim’s to get your heartbeat going, feet moving and heart filled with messages of love and empowerment. In 2022 their project took off releasing their debut EP, playing festivals in Ontario and Germany as well as a European Tour.

Manu Louis

„Manu Louis is a Belgian with a subversive spring in his step” Late Junction, BBC
„More colourful than a unicorn vomiting a rainbow“ GONZAI
“The braggart of Kitsch.” LIBERATION
“Pop fantastique et Fantasque” France Culture
«The Stromae of the Underground” LE SOIR
“ Der Iannis Xenakis des DancePloor” SKUG

It’s hard to find a profile like Manu Louis in music….
Belgium born, now Berlin based, he studied composition with legendary composer Fréderic Rzewski, electronic music on the internet, and dancing during his concerts.
A Passionate singer, and knob agitator, he also plays the guitar in his own unique punk jazz way…
Equally at home working with electronic dance, classical or jazz musicians, Manu has performed his stuff from completely acoustic solo up to 200 wind players and
everything in between.
In his music (fortunately, as is the case today for many young musicians) style doesn’t exist. He mixes things that cross his path, and creates new adventures of provocative and decontextualized juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the
same throughout, but the ingredients he uses vary; from dissident chanson française, genial dilettante, avant-garde composers, new beat, old hits, art-pop & hard bop.

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