Ryuta Sakurai 櫻井 龍太

Titel der Arbeit 作品タイトル


Since 2001 I have been expressing my worldview through female nudity photograph. When people become undressed, they will show the other side of themselves, which is different as usual. In such a defenceless situation, people turn to be honest. I see the truth in there. And the truth will generate between people. It will never be like that it just exist inside of me. Wearing clothes carries culture features and social characters, meanwhile the individuality and interiority will be hidden behind. From 2014 I wandered in Asia and took nude photos in countries that I visited. Until then I have only taken nude for women. Thereafter I photograph nude men and trancegender to record the original appearance of human beings. After 2015, based in Düsseldorf and pursues the possibility of nude photography through art. The aim is to archive a better communication and understanding beyond gender, language and race though nude photograph of the people who I met on this journey, and photographs the original appearance of human beings.

1983 born in Osaka Japan.

2006 Osaka University of Art (Prof. Hiromi Tsuchida) graduated.

2010 “LittleMore BCCKS Photography book Award”Selecting judge : NONITA
2011 “Takarazuka Library of Media The 1th Zine Book Gallery Show”Selecting judge : IIZAWA KOTARO
2011 “The 5th 1_WALL photography show”FINALIST
2013 “The Photographic Nude 2013” HONORABLE MENTION

Solo Exhibition
2006 “Take me on a date” space gallery roundish – Osaka
2011 “photograph M” Konohana Medias – Osaka
2013 “Milk Me” Kobe 819 Gallery – Kobe
2014 “STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL” Ichiba Gallery – Osaka
2014 “Take me on a date” Ichiba Gallery – Osaka



1983年 大阪生まれ
2006年 大阪芸術大学卒業

2006年 ミオ写真奨励賞 入選
2010年 第2回リトルモアBCCKS写真集公募展 審査員賞ノニータ選
2011年 第1回宝塚メディア図書館Zine/Book Gallery 飯沢耕太郎賞
2011年 第5回写真「1_WALL」展 ファイナリスト
2013年 LightBox Photographic Gallery(オレゴン州/USA)“The Photographic Nude 2013” honorable mention

2006年 私をデートに連れてって(space galery roundish / 大阪)
2011年 Mを撮る (此花メヂア / Osaka)
2013年 Milk Me !!!!(Kobe 819 Gallery openning solo show / 兵庫)
2014年 私をデートに連れてって(ICHIBA Gallery / 大阪)
2014年 俺の女に手を出すな(ICHIBA Gallery / 大阪)

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